Poupée sexuelle silicone Diana 125cm

Poupée sexuelle silicone Diana 125cm
Poupée sexuelle silicone Diana 125cm 2
Poupée sexuelle silicone Diana 125cm 3
Poupée sexuelle silicone Diana 125cm 4
Poupée sexuelle silicone Diana 125cm 5
Poupée sexuelle silicone Diana 125cm 6
Poupée sexuelle silicone Diana 125cm 7
Poupée sexuelle silicone Diana 125cm 8
Poupée sexuelle silicone Diana 125cm 9
Poupée sexuelle silicone Diana 125cm 10
Poupée sexuelle silicone Diana 125cm 11
Poupée sexuelle silicone Diana 125cm 12
Poupée sexuelle silicone Diana 125cm 13
Poupée sexuelle silicone Diana 125cm 14
Poupée sexuelle silicone Diana 125cm 15
Poupée sexuelle silicone Diana 125cm 16
Poupée sexuelle silicone Diana 125cm 17
Poupée sexuelle silicone Diana 125cm 18
Poupée sexuelle silicone Diana 125cm 19
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Préservatifs spécial masturbateur
  • Longueur : 125.00
  • Profondeur d'insertion Vagin : 13,0cm
  • Profondeur d'insertion Anus : 14,0cm
  • Profondeur d'insertion Bouche : 14,0cm
  • Couleur : Chair
  • Longueur de jambes : 51,0cm
  • Longueur de pieds : 17,0cm
  • Tour de cuisse : 31,0cm
  • Tour de hanche : 61,0cm
  • Tour de taille : 38,0cm
  • Tour de poitrine : 63,0cm
  • Tour de cou : 27,0cm
  • Tour de tête : 48,0cm
  • Longueur des bras : 34,0cm
  • Longueur du visage : 20,0cm
  • Matière : Silicone
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La poupée sexuelle Diana mesure 125cm, cette femme aux formes généreuses ne manquera pas de combler vos désirs sexuels. Cette poupée coquine possède des hanches larges, une taille de guêpe et une poitrine généreuse, trois atouts séduction dont les hommes raffolent. Diana est une folle de sexe, ses trois orifices, bouche, anus et vagin seront entièrement ouverts à des pénétrations récurrentes ou ponctuelles. Les jambes articulables de cette poupée de sexe vous permettront de faire prendre des positions extravagantes à Diana dans le but de revisiter le kama-sutra.

Le visage charmant et innocent de cette poupée en silicone de femme ne manque pas de charme. Les yeux marrons s’allient à un sourire ravageur pourvu de dents pour vous faire craquer. Sa forte poitrine augmentera votre libido.

Diana, une poupée en silicone qui vous veut du bien !

Une poupée silicone aux mensurations de rêve

Une forte poitrine, des fesses généreuses, une taille de guêpe, Diana est la poupée sexuelle silicone qui possède cet ensemble d’atouts qui attirent la gent masculine.

Diana mesure 125cm du sommet du crâne jusqu’au talon. Longueur des bras du poignet au haut de l’épaule : 34cm / tour de de cuisse : 31cm / tour de hanche : 61cm / tour de taille : 38cm / tour de cou : 27cm / longueur de jambes : 51cm / longueur pieds : 17cm / longueur visage : 20cm / tour de tête :48 / tour de poitrine : 63cm / dessous de poitrine: 48cm. Diana pèse 23kg.

Grâce à cette morphologie fort excitante, Diana peut répondre à l’ensemble de vos besoins sexuels.
Ses trois orifices,une bouche profonde de 14cm (penser à percer la membrane) un anus profond de 14cm et un vagin profond de 13cm, accueilleront votre sexe avec plaisir tandis-que la poitrine généreuse de Diana vous invitera à de délicieuses branlettes espagnoles. À noter que les deux orifices de Diana sont nodulées pour un maximum de plaisir ressenti.
En dehors du sexe, la poupée sextoy Diana sait être séduisante, elle ne lésine pas pour prendre soin d’elle. Cette poupée sexuelle est maquillée et possède une french manucure, aux pieds comme aux mains. Son sourire laisse ressortir ses deux incisives centrales supérieures. Diana est une poupée réaliste séductrice dans l’âme qui offrira gracieusement son corps pour des parties de jambes en l’air digne d’un film porno.

Diana possède une perruque châtain aux cheveux longs et lisses. 

Entretenir votre poupée sexuelle

Une poupée sexuelle est un sextoy qui s’abime facilement. Afin de pénétrer cette poupée aux orifices étroits il est conseillé d’utiliser un lubrifiant qui empêche les entrées des orifices de se dégrader, voir de se déchirer. Avant chaque pénétration verser quelques gouttes sur son pénis afin de s’assurer de la durée de vie de sa poupée sexuelle en silicone.
Diana nécessite également de l’entretien une fois l’acte terminé. Le silicone étant une matière fragile, il est recommandé de la nettoyer avec du savon doux et de l’eau après chaque utilisation. Le lieu de conservation a également son importance en ce qui concerne une poupée sexuelle. Fragile, une poupée en silicone doit être conservé à l’abri de l’humidité, de la chaleur ou de toute condition qui pourrait la détériorer. Il est recommandé de la replacer dans son emballage d’origine après chaque utilisation.
Bien prendre soin de sa poupée masturbateur, c’est s’assurer de la garder longtemps.

Avis clients
Par Philip
This is my first ever doll, I recently got divorced and was looking for a woman without the talking function! First thing is first, this doll is EXACTLY as pictured. The measurements are as advertised too (I checked). This company is not trying to hide anything from you nor are they failing to mention any inconvenient facts! I'm extremely impressed with what I got and how fast I got it! From what I gather it was sent from France via DHL, there was a tracking number emailed to me which provided regular updates. Packaging protected the contents well & was completely discreet. It only took 3 days to arrive too! Ok, now on to the Doll itself. The pictures and description don't do it justice. Once you've un-packaged, clicked the head on & fitted the wig you can be forgiven for thinking she's a real woman (if a very small one). She is more flexible and pose-able than the pictures imply, not as much as the real thing in some places, but even more so in others. Her eyes can be moved to look in any direction, her head can be tilted & swivelled, her neck can be bent forward & back (in addition to the head movement). Her arms (at the shoulder) can be facing straight down, straight up, out to the side (like a starfish), and twisted. Her arms also bend at the elbows from straight to 90 degrees and her hands & feet are so good they're kind of creepy. The hand "bones" are very soft and her hands can be manipulated in a multitude of ways. Thehands and feet have beautiful false nails too, already glued on for you (as with the eyelashes). Her legs can be bent at the hips backwards and forwards to the point that her feet are side on with her face (oh yeah!) and her knees bend backwards to easily accommodate the cowgirl (riding) position. When you slap her bum is sounds and feels just like a real one, it's really uncanny! Her breasts also feel extremely realistic if just a touch "stiffer" than real tits. Her vagina feels real once warmed up, same with her anus, both could be a touch tighter especially the anus to add to that realistic feeling. She is more flexible than a porn star, once you're done you will feel like you had sex with a woman and the doll is so good that you'll probably cuddle her for a while afterwards too! Her hair is fantastic, once washed and combed you can't tell the difference even if you like to stroke it as I do. She is a very solid doll all round, less delicate than a real woman, and honestly feels like the real thing. Even the skin feels real, like the smoothest woman you've ever touched. If she was warm you'd easily forget she's just a doll. I didn't want to pay top prices for the full on luxury dolls on the first outing but I have to say that after this purchase I am now considering a taller, more expensive woman. Ok there are some negative points to cover. On the doll I received the right eyeball either hasn't been installed correctly or the top eyelid is rubbing on it moving it downwards randomly. This makes it look like she has a "lazy eye". I can easily re-position it but the other eye doesn't behave this way and also the other eye is easier to move and keeps it's position, so she has one eye that occasionally moves on it's own. This has also meant that her bottom eyelash has already fallen off with me constantly adjusting that eye. The eyelashes look great but be very careful, they'll start to come off with even just a little eyelid movement. There are false lashes but I think you need a TPE safe glue, which means you probably have to buy ones from a doll site. I plan on buying some normal cheap womens ones and trying them in an inconspicuous area. As far as I can tell her back doesn't bend at all, I say as far as I can tell because she can be very stiff to move in certain places (hips, shoulders, and neck in my case) so it's possible the back bends but I doubt it. This is not a problem in the least but just be aware of it. I'm 6 foot 1" (exactly 185cm) tall so for me she is a touch on the small side, this is not the dolls fault her height and size is exactly as advertised, but if I do buy again I will buy taller. I looked at a lot of dolls before buying and the cheaper the doll the shorter she is in general. It appears as if height & size is where the corners are cut on the cheaper dolls (some are £350 but 3 Feet tall) which saves you money if you are prepared to cope with that. Also good luck picking up cheap clothes for this one, womens clothes won't fit no matter how small, you're pretty much limited to kids clothes which is awkward for a number of reasons. She's built like a tiny porn star but this makes her proportions difficult to find something guaranteed to fit that also looks like a woman might wear it (showing cleavage etc). Sex doll clothes are available, but not cheap or plentiful. You'll need to give her a good wash with warm soapy water before you try her out just to get rid of that factory stink, but the smell is barely noticeable after that and I think will only diminish over time. These dolls would benefit from some instructions, for example how to fit a wig? what can be bent? How far can I safely bend it without breaking something? What should I use to open the mouth (it's sealed by a membrane, a finger gently pushing a few times will break it)? What size clothes (real sizes) will fit if any? The doll comes with a metal pronged comb, which is very useful, I'd recommend you also get a brush or comb to get the hair feeling really soft. She also comes with a vibrating love egg type thing (haven't tried it). She comes with a terrible "sexy dress" which was like a disposable napkin feeling material. She also has a bag for storage, it doesn't feel sturdy but time will tell. I bought a usb hole warmer at the same time, don't bother, it worked once when I tested it but the second time it either didn't work at all or got too hot and switched itself off (it was freezing cold to the touch after 20mins). To some up, this is a fantastic choice for a first love doll. She's good looking enough to be on display (if that's your thing) and feels realistic enough and sturdy enough to handle pretty much anything you can throw at her. Considering the prices of these dolls everywhere this is a real bargain, I would say top tier looks, feel and function with mid-range size. I've only had her one day and I'm thrilled with my purchase! I'm pretty sure real life woman costs at least £2000 per year, and for that you have to listen to them prattle on about stuff you don't care about, put up with their nagging, depression, and image issues, you get sex though, if she can be bothered. With a doll you get the sex with none of the downsides, and most being under £2000 (this one £699.99 at time of purchase) you're already up if you dump the woman lol! Save yourself the headache and buy one from Love And Vibes!
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si ta une compagne attention risque d'etre jaloue!
Par bris
Magnifique une beauté a prendre très soin! merci a la personne au telephonne très sympa merci aussi a toute l’équipe loveandvibes pour leurs services et leurs professionnalismes, site avec superbes artices et prix imbattable, le Meilleur Big Respect!!